Freelance Writing Sites – The Good

Working from home is convenient and these days offers people a chance to earn some money when jobs are hard to find. But you need to be strong and you have to be committed because it’s all too easy to get sidetracked or taken away from your work in a home environment.

You need a to set up a place within your house where you are not likely to be disturbed when you are in ‘work mode’. But then you need to know when to clock off too – many people find they put in too many hours when working from home and ultimately ‘burn’ themselves out.

Create A Nice Working Environment

For writers, having peace and quiet is really important because you need a calm, quiet working environment not only when you write, but also when doing any research. You don’t actually need much to set yourself up as a writer – obviously you need to have writing skills, a creative mind helps too. Then of course, you must possess the ability and passion to carry out any research needed for a topic you write about. You also need a computer and an Internet connection, but that’s about it.

Just as importantly, you need to have your finger on the pulse whether it’s in world affairs, technology, fashion, literature and much more. Niche writing makes it easier – but these days to earn a living as a Internet writer, you need to be able to turn your hand to a variety of topics and be able to write about them like a pro.

Where To Find Work

When it comes to finding work – as mentioned in last weeks’ post, there are many online writing sites to choose from. Some you need to steer well clear of – others are okay but you have to watch your back both as a writer and as a project ‘creator’ because a lot of people using these sites are out to get work without paying for it. It also has to be said that the standard of writing on many of them is pretty poor.

Some freelance writing sites are free to use – but they charge high commissions. Other sites ask users to pay upfront fees – this is not a problem when working with a reputable website like However, on other less honourable sites, the rule of thumb is ‘writers beware’ if you are asked to pay upfront fees both to join and then to bid on any projects you find on them.

Peopleperhour – Offers a Better Standard of Writing

If you are a confident writer and you do write better than average copy, then peopleperhour is one site you should register with. You get to place bids on any projects that interest you and which you feel qualified to do – but be warned the quality of writing and the competition on this site is extremely high.

You do have to pay to bid on projects on this particular site – but this is a good thing because it does keep people who are less than average writers off the site and employers tend to be a lot more serious too.

It might take a while to be awarded your first project on, but this is because there is a lot of very good competition on the site and as with other sites, you do need to prove yourself to be a competent writer and not someone who just copies content off the Internet and then attempts to pass it off as their own.

As previously mentioned, the standard of writing is higher than on a site like, but then so are the rates of pay – which obviously stands to reason. Better quality writing deserves better pay. All in all the site is one of the more professional ones out there – and peopleperhour do have a better than average support team – so if things do go awry, you can expect to receive the kind of help you need.


Author = Honey Wood – follow me on twitter

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